Gripandle is the easiest to use & most secure holder for your cell phone.

What is a Gripandle?

The Gripandle is a finger-molded piece of rubber that sticks to the back of your cell phone or cell phone case. It makes it easy to cup your fingers around the phone and hold it securely in one hand while scrolling or tapping with your thumb.

Why use a Gripandle?

How big is the Gripandle?

The Gripandle is 4 inches long, abut 1/2 inch wide, and 3/8 inch thick. It slips in any pocket with ease unless you have skinny jeans (it's hard to get anything in your pockets with skinny jeans). But the point of the Gripandle is that it is used by people who never put their phone down or in their pocket anyway ;-)

Why did you make the Gripandle?

My name is John Tremaine, and I've been a Realtor and Real Estate Broker for 20 years. I live on my phone. It's the most important tool I use in my business. But I found myself frustrated when trying to use the phone with one hand when I needed the other hand free.

I tried all the widgets online.

I just needed something "grippy" to hook my fingers on so I could keep my thumb free.

To solve my problem, I bought some silicone in a tube at the hardware store, built up a bead of it down the back of my cell phone case, and let it dry. It worked like a charm, but it looked unprofessional. When I let my friends and kids try it, they all said "That's cool. I want one too."

So I had an idea. I drew up some plans, and had a mold made. This is the Gripandle you see today.

"Come on. I know what you really use it for."

I can already hear you saying, "You mean like texting while you drive?". Nope. Texting and driving is dangerous. I don't do that. I have 4 kids to feed. But what about just clicking the text icon with your thumb to read a text? Or scrolling through contacts to find a phone number so I can write it down with the pen in my other hand? I do that all the time!

New and Improved Gripandle 2.0

Actually it's more like Gripandle 5.0. Nothing is easy. My friends and kids (a.k.a. unpaid beta testers) told me early versions of the Gripandle were too tall and the tips got caught on their pockets. I trimmed them with an Exacto knife and had several molds made until I ended up with the final version you see on the bottom of the page.

What does it cost?

Gripandle's cost $5.95 plus $2 for shipping. You'll get it delivered by first class mail anywhere in the USA. Order additional Gripandles of the same color for $5.95 each and pay $2 shipping for all of them.

Is there a warranty?

Of course! If you don't like the Gripandle, send it back to me, and I'll refund your full purchase price plus shipping.

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It's less than a double shot caffe latte with almond milk. What have you got to lose?



Size: 4 x 1/2 x 3/8 inches
Color: Black or Clear. Please specify when ordering.